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Instagram is the most popular social media application, which was released on October 6, 2010. It got international attention in 2013 and became one of the most used social media applications behind Facebook. This is a very easy-to-use application where you can share your pictures, stories, reels, and much more with your friends and family. Instagram followers are the main part of the game. When you have more followers, then it means that you are more popular. Everyone wants to be popular and have a recognizable place in society. For this purpose, they need more time and effort to get followers and likes on their pictures and videos. Today, we are introducing a magical tool that will help you to boost your Instagram account free of cost.

Igtools is the best application that will help you to increase your followers. Now you can quickly become famous and get a specific place in your society because everyone will know you are very popular and have huge fan followers. In this article, you will learn What Igtools is and how to use it to increase your Insta follower, likes, and comments. Stay connected with us.

Application NameIgTools
CategorySocial Media
Developed ByIG Tools
Size6 MBs
System RequirementAndroid 4.3+
PriceFree of Cost
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Igtools Apk?

Igtools is an application specially designed for Insta users to increase their followers without putting more effort and time into creating different content. This is a third-party application for Android users which you can use easily. The best part of this app is that it is safe to download and install. Your Instagram account will not be affected because this app doesn’t require any login or detail. The functions and benefits of this app are also discussed in the article, so you should not be worried about how you will use this unique application.

Igtools Apk Download

Now the question is, why do you need Igtools Apk? The answer is that if you need more followers in a short time, then this tool is your backbone to achieve your milestone in a very short time. This tool is beneficial for business personnel who want to grow their business by attracting people from social media. Today, we will tell you about the features of this tremendous tool, and you will learn how to use it. Let’s have a look at the features of this tool.

Igtools with its Incredible Features

All the features of this amazing tool are discussed below. Please read them carefully to better understand the tool before downloading it.


Get Free Followers

Now you can get free followers quickly with this tool. You have to be sure that these followers may be lost after some time, but still, this app is very beneficial if you use it permanently. Grow your audience and give them the best content so that they must be retained with you. Using this tool daily will help you to increase your followers with maximum boost. Download this amazing tool today without wasting time and enjoy regular followers increase regularly.

Insta Like

Increase Likes on Pictures and Stories

This tool is beneficial to increase likes on photos and your stories. Likes are the attractive thing that will increase your real followers because when they see that you have a massive number of likes on your post, they will start following you. It will increase your brand’s worth if you are a business person. You can get up to 5 million likes with this tool quickly.

Insta comments

Enjoy Free Unlimited Comments

Comments are proof of people’s engagement with your post or photos. With this tool, you can get more than 10,000 comments on a single post. You can select the type of comments, which could be in the shape of emojis or text. Increase the value of your account with the help of this wonderful tool today and make your personal and business account viral on social media.

Maximize You Story View

Increase the views on your stories with the help of Igtools Apk. Post a story and then open this application with trust. You will definitely get unlimited views on your stories. This feature indirectly impacts increasing followers because when more people watch your story, there are more chances of converting those viewers into followers.

Insta Reels

Get More Engagements on You Reels

Now you can engage the maximum number of people with your reels. Using this unique tool, you can increase your viewers and get likes and comments on your reels. This feature is more essential and beneficial for you because when more people engage with your reels, there are more chances for them to be your followers. So, do not waste your time and download Igtools Apk right now. Get maximum benefit from this app today and be famous in your society.


Adjust Poll Votes

When you create a poll vote on your post or story, you can adjust the result according to your choice. You can increase the maximum number of positive votes and negative votes. This is a unique feature because people engaging with your post will see the results. When they see a positive impact voted by the maximum number of people, they will also respond positively to your pole vote.

Be Famous and Shining Star in Society

When you will have a considerable number of followers on your Instagram. The other people will observe that a maximum number of people are connected with you, and you are a focal person. You will become very famous in your circle. This all is due to this amazing tool because you have increased your followers and people engagement on your photos and videos with this incredible application.

Igtools is Free to Download

You will be glad to know that this is a free application, and you can download it without paying anything. Furthermore, this is the only application that doesn’t require login information or payment for its feature. All the features are available free of cost, so download this tool quickly and enjoy the amazing featured application from today.

Safe and secure

Safe and Secure Tool

You will be glad to know that this is a free application, and you can download it without paying anything. Furthermore, this is the only application that doesn’t require login information or payment for its feature. All the features are available free of cost, so download this tool quickly and enjoy the amazing featured application from today.

User Friendly Application

This is the easiest application to use because the user interface of this tool is very simple and easy. The interface of this application is so simple. If you are a new user of this app or not a good technology person, you can use it easily. You have to follow the instructions on the homepage or visit our website to understand how to increase your followers. These very easy and simple steps will help you a lot, and you will not face any difficulty.

Above mentioned are the unique features of this application. We hope that you got the best understanding of its features. Now we will proceed further and provide you a step-by-step guide with pictures of how to use it and how to increase followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

How to Use Igtools?

These are a total of 7 simple steps which you have to do. Let’s have a look at them in detail. Before proceeding further, we must tell you that these followers will not be permanent if you do not use this app regularly. To get your account growing on a regular basis, it is a must that you use it frequently.

Step 1: First, open the Igtools and select the feature or service you want to avail, as shown in the picture.

igtools 1

Step 2: To proceed further, log in to your Insta account, as shown in the picture. (Note: Use a second insta account to use this feature).

igtools 2

Step 3: Complete the ReCaptcha to prove that you are not a robot. This is for your own safety.

igtools 3

Step 4: You will successfully enter the login page after completing the 3rd step. (Note: Your account privacy should be PUBLIC, and you must have 4 to 5 posts or pictures on it).

igtools 4

Step 5: After Login, you will enter the main dashboard of the tool. Now you can select the feature you want to use, as shown in the picture below.

igtools 5

Step 6: After selecting service, enter the username of your main account where you need followers and press the submit button. The demo picture is shown below. (Note: You can get 40 followers with one attempt).

igtools 6

Step 7: Enter the number of followers, which is a maximum of 40, and press submit.

igtools 7

You will be glad to know that you will get 40 followers instantly. You can repeat the process to get the maximum number of followers. There is no limit to attempts on Igtools, so download this amazing tool today and start enjoying it.

Pros and Cons of Igtools

Igtools also have some pros and cons which you must know before using it.


  • This app is free of cost.
  • This is a lightweight application.
  • It will give you real followers.
  • Igtools doesn’t ask for personal information.
  • It doesn’t require extra permissions of mobile.
  • Easy to use application.
  • Safe and secure.
  • No root required.
  • All features are unlimited.


  • This app is only available for Android devices.
  • You can not use it on PC or laptop without installing BlueStacks.
  • It crashes sometimes.
  • Can not be used in offline mode or when you do not have internet connection.

How to Download and Install Igtools Apk?

Now we will provide you a step by step guide with pictures to download and install this tool. Please follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the web browser of your Android smartphone and browser to the official website. Download the APK file from the download link given above. (Note: Enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES from security settings before installation). Follow Settings > Security Settings > Download from Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Go to downloads and tap on the downloaded APK file to install the app.

Step 1

Step 3: Let the system complete the installation. Open the application after installation and use it as per the procedure given above. Get unlimited followers, likes, comments, story views, and vote polls with this stunning tool.

Step 2

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it safe to use Igtools?

Yes. This is a safe application and you can use it without any fear.

What is Igtools?

This is a third-party developed application that helps you to increase your Instagram followers, get unlimited likes on posts, avail maximum views on posts, and get a massive engagement of people on your reels and vote poll.

Can I get unlimited number of followers free?

Yes. Obviously. This is a free tool and you can use it to get unlimited followers without any limitation.

Is Igtools available for iOS?

No, currently this tool is only limited for Android devices. You may be able to see iOS version of this app by the end of 2023.

Can I use my main account to login?

No. If you want to get followers on your main account, you have to use an additional account for Igtools. This is a safety precaution that you must know.


Insta is a very famous and popular social media application with more than 10 billion active users. It is challenging to be recognized and get a considerable number of followers on insta rapidly. If you are running a business and need brand recognition in society, you must use social media for this. Igtools is the only solution for all those persons who want to be famous, like a celebrity or star, and who want to grow their business with brand popularity. This tool will help both of them to get the unlimited engagement of people by increasing real followers, getting maximum views on their posts and stories, and get unlimited likes and comments on their posts or pictures. The best part of this application is that all the followers will be genuine. You have to use this tool regularly to get maximum benefit.

There are many other applications available on the Google Play Store that claim to provide the same features. Most of them are paid applications, and others are too much complicated. Igtools Apk is a free and user-friendly application compared to them. The only limitation of this application is that it provides 40 followers in one attempt. But this is not bad, we think, because you can use it as many times as you want. Currently, this tool is only available for Android devices, but developers are working on releasing its iOS version soon.

This was all about Igtools Apk. After reading the article, we hope you understand this unique tool completely. Bookmark and share our website with your friends and family. If you have any questions or queries, you can drop your question or suggestion in the comment box. We value our visitors and respond quickly to them. Thank you.

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